Who are Recognosco?

Based in Vienna, Austria our team has many years of experience in the development, support and distribution of speech recognition technologies for the global medical and legal markets. 

Commitment to excellence

Our approach is simply to:

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In the past, the key employees of Recognosco were involved in the development and support of a leading product in this field and in setting up a successful global partner network. Today the team utilise their combined skills and expertise in order to innovate and drive the use of speech recognition in the healthcare and legal markets.



and growing



The company has 230 years of experience combined


We are a business to business company and currently have partners in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Columbia and Ecuador.

Using an indirect business model, Recognosco offers its platform to companies who supply hospital information systems, case management systems, dictation workflows or other document workflow products. After only a few days of development effort, significant value is added to the systems of those companies, and the full benefits of speech-enabled interaction are available to their users.


Integrated within document workflow systems, users are provided with real-time recognition, application interaction and data entry. Additionally, dictation files can be simply routed for deferred recognition. At any stage documents can be forwarded to transcriptionists for final editing.

Based on Microsoft speech recognition technology, Recognosco develops a scalable platform covering all aspects of professional document creation and data entry. Speech resources are developed for various languages and targeted vertical markets.


We support a wide range of installation scenarios. 

On-premise client-server

Hosted client-server

Windows Terminal Server Support 

Citrix Support’


Our speech recognition based platform enables professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, transcriptionists and agents to produce comprehensive, high quality documentation in an easier and faster manner.


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