Recognosco works with a growing number of global partners, speech enabling their medical, legal and business solutions. 


Market leading digital dictation, workflow providers and medical systems companies throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific have already integrated the Recognosco platform to provide medical reporting solutions. These systems address the needs not only of doctors, but all clinical staff who need to generate medical documentation such as nurses and allied health professionals. Our partners’ solutions are significantly reducing turnaround times and increasing productivity and efficiency in the medical reporting process for many large healthcare providers in the following countries: UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Columbia and Ecuador. 

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Lawyers generate large volumes of documentation every day and have traditionally used dictation as standard working practice. Our partners operating in the UK, German, USA and French legal markets include leading dictation workflow providers and case management systems suppliers. Innovative combinations of templates with variable input fields, fast and accurate free text speech recognition and navigation by voice within the systems the fee earners are used to using on a daily basis, are bringing major productivity and financial benefits to law firms.

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On partner request, mainly from hospital groups who want to include their corporate staff within their hospital-wide speech recognition deployments, Recognosco also offers a specialist Business Topic in US and UK English to cover general business correspondence, reports, meeting minutes etc.

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