Recognosco is committed to a business to business distribution model with no direct approach to the end customers of our integration and distribution partners.


End-customers buy solutions from their trusted supplier and the fact that Recognosco components are embedded within such systems is irrelevant to the user, provided the system fully satisfies their requirements. 

As our partners know and understand their customers’ needs, Recognosco actively involves its partners in its product roadmapping process, gathering input on the specific features and functions required to provide improved productivity and ease of use at the end customer level. We incorporate partners’ change requests within releases in a timely manner and many of our partners appreciate our flexibility and willingness to support them.

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Partnership is a driving philosophy within our company. We have a strong belief at Recognosco that business relationships should always be open, fair and beneficial for all parties and we’re happy that we have business partners with similar principles. Such partnerships are already successfully deploying our technology in Europe, North and South America and Asia Pacific, embedded within our partners’ solutions, providing significant return on investment to their customers in healthcare and the legal business.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a partner feel free to contact us here.

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Recognosco is committed to a business to business distribution model with no direct approach to the end customers of our partners. We have a growing number of relationships with partners across the industry. A selection of which are listed below.


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